• Defining the issues:  zoning, budget, code issues, selecting the best design professionals

  • Planning the Project:  Budget, schedule, phasing, designer options, sub-contractor selection

  • Execution of the Plan:  Construction quality, attention to detail, weekly job team meetings, seamless client contact, on-site supervision

  • Closeout and Concierge Services:  Punch list coordination, certificate of occupancy, our contractor services, on-call continued client services


  • Post-Construction Concierge Services:  For a period of up to 6 months following the completion of your project, MVA will provide construction concierge services.  Specifically, you can call us for suggestions, subcontractor recommendations or just construction advice, for 6 months at not cost to you. 

​​​Construction is a process and each construction or renovation project involves a unique set of issues which we properly address by building a unique construction team.  Together working with you we execute the project to your complete satisfaction.

We do the proper planning throughout the construction process to assure a complete, high-quality result.  This process includes: 

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"I have been impressed working with MVA over the past several years with their knowledge of zoning and building code issues, their problem-solving ability and their attention to detail."

-Design Professional