"Our Trust Department was given a piece of raw land for evaluation.  MVA did a thorough job in the analysis of the property, culminating in the creation of a 10-lot subdivision which we sold at a price almost 3 times as high as what the raw land was worth."

-Bank Trust Department

In situations where financial institutions, Trustees, property owners and/or investors require comprehensive assistance in the development of a property, Mount Vernon Advisors provides services to our clients from acquisition to project buildout, in the development of a property from a single home to a commercial enterprise.  Your needs may be very specific or broad-ranged.  Our array of services includes:  

Acquisi​tion/Site Analysis:  Mount Vernon Advisors assists clients in the acquisition of a site or the evaluation (highest and best use analysis) of property owned.  Specifically, these services can include:  1) site analysis (soils, topography, utilities, zoning, wetland, build out analysis, and neighborhood issues); 2)  highest and best use analysis (pro forma cash flow and cost analysis); 3) marketing analysis (rent/sales comps, phasing options, competitive analysis).  This pre-development planning is done before the acquisition or development takes place.

Marketing:  Mount Vernon Advisors helps client identify a marketing program for a project focusing on the successful identification of four key elements including:  an advertising program, pricing and/or leasing structure, project amenities, and phasing options.

Financing:  Mount Vernon Advisors works with our clients to identify various financing structures and entities, compile loan proposals or investor prospectuses, and assist in the negotiation of loan terms and conditions.  By exploring various options, our clients are able to determine the most apporopriate and advantageous financing arrangements for the project.

Cost Estimates:  Mount Vernon Advisors provides a range of cost control and estimating services during the planning and design of capital projects.  These services start at the earliest days of planning and continue through construction.

Architectural and Engineering Services: Mount Vernon Advisors provides the coordination of architectural and engineering services for all building types, including commercial, industrial, institutional and residential.  The firm has worked directly with a number of architectural and engineering firms and is dedicated to providing the utmost in prompt, personal attention to every aspect of the building process.

Construction Supervision/Construction Management:  In situations where the client requests more direct control of the construction process, Mount Vernon Advisors will provide construction management services, including cost control during construction, construction scheduling, selection of subcontractors and overall on-site construction coordination and administration.

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