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Small Investor Services

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I hired MVA to assist me in finding an investment property.  They guided me through the process of identifying a property, acquisition, financing, leasing, tenant screening and renovation work that was required. I now have an excellent investment property which returns 8% annually and I am working with MVA on my second.

- Small Investor, Melrose, MA

Mount Vernon Advisors has over 40 years of experience in the construction, development, leasing and sale of both residential and commercial properties.  Let us help you make all the right moves to assure your real estate investment is a profitable one.

Construction & Renovation Contract

MVA has developed owner-friendly construction/renovation contracts to assure your project comes in on budget and is built to the proper specifications.

Leases - Commercial and Residential Leases 

Our commercial and residential leases provide maximum protection to the Landlord.  We have extremely tight documents which we can tailor to your particular building needs.  Our residential lease contains 30 additional conditions over the standard lease agreement that property owners and informs tenants of their responsibilities under a number of tenant/landlord related issues.

Lease Underwriting

MVA can assist you in setting up a system to advertise, screen and underwrite residential and commercial tenants.  Our system almost guarantees that the tenant you select will be the "cream of the crop".

Property Identification and Acquisition Strategy                                                   

MVA assists small real estate investors identify and acquire investment/income-producing property.  We have bought and sold income property throughout Massachusetts and have a working knowledge of many of the investment markets.    

Cash Flow/Profit Loss Analysis

MVA will assist in developing a detailed cash flow analysis for your investment property, and help you identify the risk/reward elements of the investment.  Tax shelter strategies will also be investigated.

Addition/Renovation Analysis

Many investment properties require some for of renovations at the time of acquisition. In these situations MVA will develop a renovation budget, permit review, contractor bidding, construction management services for your project.